An updated review of ADSS [2023]

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An updated review of ADSS [2023]

ADS Securities (ADSS) is an execution-only broker that is based in the United Arab Emirates, and it is one of the leading brokers in the MENA region today, with clients both locally and globally. Regulated by the SCA in the UAE, where it is headquartered, the broker has been serving clients for years.

This is a review of ADSS updated in 2023, and we hope to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Remember that while selecting the right broker for you can contribute to your success in the financial markets, it is no guarantee. There are risks involved in trading that can never be fully eliminated, and you should never trade more than you can afford to lose.

ADSS: at a glance

  • Tradeable assets: Forex spot market and CFDs on forex pairs, global and local equities, indices including the DAX and the US 30, and commodities including UK and US crude oil
  • Leverage available: Varies. Up to 500:1 for forex, up to 20:1 for equities, up to 333:1 for indices, and up to 200:1 for commodities
  • Commissions: None
  • Demo account: Available for trading on MT4
  • Live account tiers: Classic, Elite, and Elite+
  • Minimum deposit requirements: 100 USD (Classic), 100,000 USD (Elite), 250,000 USD (Elite+)
  • Trading platforms available: Bespoke ADSS platform on desktop and mobile, MT4 on desktop
  • Regulations: SCA in the UAE, FCA in the UK

Tradeable assets at ADSS

ADSS offers a diverse and relatively broad range of tradeable markets, including forex, equities, indices, and commodities. Leverage varies, but no commissions are charged for any trades executed, which is a huge bonus for high-frequency traders or traders of high-volume executions. For the retail trader, this also means saving on operational fees that can eat into potential profits.


With over 60 forex pairs, including majors, minors, and exotics, ADSS offers a decent range of over the counter and derivative trade execution for forex traders. Leverage can go to as high as 500:1, and spreads are competitive.


Traders can access both global and local stocks offered by ADSS. These include bigger names like Tesla and Microsoft on international markets, as well as GCC shares such as Jabal Omar and NAMA Chemicals. Traders can access leverage of up to 20:1.


Traders can trade indices with leverage of up to 333:1 by speculating on the performance of these global market benchmarks. Indices available include Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index, Japan’s Nikkei 225, the UK 100, and more.


Finally, traders can speculate on various commodity types such as agricultural commodities, precious and industrial metals, and energy sources with leverage of up to 200:1. Commodities are traded per whole tick. Some examples of tradeable commodities at ADSS include coffee, gas oil, and gold.

Available account types and tiers

ADSS offers both live and demo accounts.

Demo account

The demo account offers 50,000 USD in virtual funds, and users can sign up for one with the broker without leaving credit card details. Demo trading is restricted to MT4-only, but demo traders can still access ADSS’ full range of instruments. The virtual funds can also be reset if needed.

Live accounts

Live accounts come in three tiers: Classic, Elite, and Elite+.

The Classic account is, in our opinion, ideal for traders of all experience and skill levels. With a minimum deposit of just 100 USD, it is a great way for anyone to get started trading in the markets. The Classic account comes with up to 500:1 leverage for various instruments, and traders can access the full catalogue of tradeable markets at ADSS. No commission are charged on any trades executed.

The Elite account begins with a minimum deposit requirement of 100,000 USD, and the Elite + account begins with a minimum deposit requirement of 250,000 USD. These two account types are suited for more experienced traders who are used to dealing with larger volumes of trades and a higher execution frequency. Elite and Elite+ account holders can trade with 25% (or more, for Elite+) lower spreads when trading, leverage of up to 500:1, and the assistance of dedicated managers. They can also gain access to Elite events offered by ADSS.

All live traders – as well as demo traders – can access educational resources on the broker’s website. These include video tutorials on how to trade, different trading indicators, and how to use the platforms offered by ADSS.

Platforms offered

Speaking of trading platforms, there are two options for live traders and one for demo traders. As mentioned, demo traders can access MT4, which is the industry’s most popular forex trading platform. They can also paper trade other instruments.

Live traders can choose between trading on MT4 or on the ADSS platform, which is the broker’s proprietary platform. The ADSS platform is comprehensive and offers seamless trading on mobile, desktop, and in browser, and traders can access the full range of instrument and asset offerings from the broker.

Funding: deposits and withdrawals

As one of the most updated reviews of ADSS on the Internet, we feel compelled to tell you that the broker has added new ways for traders to deposit and withdraw their funds depending on the device they use to trade. This includes the use of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay to deposit funds for users who trade on mobile with the ADSS app.

Account opening benefits for UAE citizens

UAE citizens receive extra benefits when they trade with ADSS when opening an account. This is because the broker itself originates from the UAE and is headquartered in the emirate. UAE citizens can go paperless in their account opening and verification process with UAEPass, a speedy and entirely digital process which can speed up account opening.

Final words

ADSS is a GCC-headquartered and based broker that has always had a good reputation in the industry and trading community. It has also won multiple awards from Dubai-based and international expos and award shows, including Best Forex Broker in recent years. For those who are looking for a local broker to create a balanced portfolio, we can certainly recommend ADSS.

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